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What meds are preferred in palliative care for treating pain and respiratory distress?

The guidelines for analgesia change when dealing with an expectant/palliative patient.

Palliative care changes the principles of triage.

Airway secretions are often a problem and can be handled using pharmacologic or non-pharmacologic means. Which medications would NOT be helpful in this situation?

What is NOT a useful position to place the patient into, to help the patient with airway secretions?

If you use telemedicine to consult on palliative care, the provider will know you are a poor medic and that you are looking to cover your mistakes.

Special operations Medics are qualified and should make the decision to end curative care and begin palliative care on their own.

Palliative care is a politically correct way of sayingredients medically assisted suicide. Palliative care should not be condoned by any medical provider.

Palliative care is a way to provide comfort for the dying and a more positive memory for the team.

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